[VIDEO] ESPN Host Says That “White Men” Need To “Shut Up”, She Gets Crushed

ESPN reporter Michelle Beadle said that “white men” need to “shut up”. More and more, liberals are trying to argue that ‘white men’ should not be allowed to comment on things that involve to women and black people. Only the side that realizes they are wrong are so afraid of a critical thought and people voicing their opinions.

“Not to stereotype,” said Beadle right before stereotyping. “But I hear a lot from white men on these topics. You guys have a lot to say how black people should feel, about how women should feel,” she said about a Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s allegedly making a sexist comment.

“I gotta be honest with you guys: Shut up and listen for five minutes. Like, you will never know what I’ve been through, what he’s been through … Just listen. God forbid, you learn something,” said Beadle. Beadle was attacked viciously for saying this, but continued her assault on twitter.

“I see my words struck a chord. A lot of comments from the very people I wish would listen. But I get it. Better to be triggered and mad. ❄️” she tweeted.

“But I will say this, boys. Thank you. Thank you for your predictability. And your willingness to take talking points from your overlord. 🙂 It’s silly. The sad place we’re in. If you’re not a close-minded pig, then guess what? Not talking to you. Methinks some are deflecting,” said Beadle. I wonder if Beadle knows that she herself is white. Check out the video below.